Gatos y Mario, combinando pasiones.

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4 guys from school do the Mean Girls dance.

everything about this is so on point tho the guy on the left even awkwardly backs off exactly like gretchen weiners

This is perfect

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Reblog this if you are not against transgender males or females. So I can write down everybodys username and give it to my nonsupportive parents the day I leave for college.

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Looking for some blog help!


Hello! I am creating a website I am hoping to become a hub for information on us Transgendered people and what I really need is some help with the blog portion of the website. What I am looking for is allies, transpeople, and loved ones/family of transpeople to share their knowledge and experiences. Whether that is permission to link to your blog/vlog or directly using the blog on the website. Message me if you are interested or would like to find out more information!

India just did what to gay people?

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Pouncing lessons with dad.

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